Students and their schools will have the opportunity to earn over $20,000 in scholarships, learn life-changing lessons and receive endorsements and recommendations to future positions of leadership.

Scholarship Opportunities:

  • $3000* - First Place Persuasive Speech
  • $1000 - Second Place Persuasive Speech
  • $3000* - First Place Op-Ed Writing
  • $1000 - Second Place Op-Ed Writing
  • $3000* - First Place Four Star Leader
  • $1000 - Second Place Four Star Leader
  • $1500* - First Place Student Congress
  • $1200 - Second Place Student Congress
  • $800 - Third Place Student Congress
  • $500 - Fourth Place Student Congress

* FIRST PLACE SCHOLARSHIPS result in $1000 donation to the student’s school.

Four Star Benefits

The Four Star Leadership program can help you become the leader you were born to be. At this conference, you will learn to:

  • Solve problems & communicate solutions
  • Work as a team
  • Lead with honesty and integrity
  • Learn your own strengths and weaknesses
    And so much more...


Four Star Leadership with General Tommy Franks is a partnership between the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute & Museum, the National Center for Policy Analysis, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, and Oklahoma Christian University’s Academy of Leadership & Liberty. Each organization is committed to investing in the next generation of leaders and to the Four Star Leadership mission of developing the kind of leaders who can solve problems and communicate solutions that will propel our world to greater peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.

General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum

The General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum is a national, world-class facility devoted to enhancing balanced decision-making through critical study of history. Its mission is to advance the understanding of historical events, encourage leadership development, and inspire enlightened decision-making by providing a forum for critical thinking through scholarly research, exhibits, and public programs. The museum, located in southwest Oklahoma, includes artifacts, papers, dioramas, and interactive components that appeal to visitors of all ages, interests, and educational backgrounds.
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General Tommy Franks Bio

National Center for Policy Analysis

The National Center for Policy Analysis is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy research organization, established in 1983. The NCPA's mission is to seek private sector solutions for public policy problems. The NCPA has become a leading voice for personal empowerment and less government regulation and control.
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Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Christian University, which set an enrollment record with 2,271 students this year, is recognized as one of the best universities in the western United States by U.S. News and World Report and The Princeton Review. The university offers undergraduate programs in more than 60 fields of study and graduate programs in business administration, engineering, ministry, and divinity. In addition to its Oklahoma City campus, OC has study abroad opportunities in Europe, Honduras and the Pacific Rim. We're thrilled to welcome program participants to campus and proud they'll call OC home for this important week.

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Dr. John deSteiguer Bio

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

With thousands of members across the state and a staff based in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs operates as an independent, nonprofit public policy research organization - a think tank - focused primarily on state-level issues. Throughout our 20 years of existence, the primary purpose of OCPA has been to educate the citizenry to equip them for self-government.

We want to empower Oklahomans to lead the nation in the defense of freedom by providing fact-based public policy analysis that promotes free markets, limited government and entrepreneurial opportunity. OCPA publishes the conclusions from its research in the monthly policy journal Perspective and online at In turn, we promote those conclusions through an array of media - including radio, TV, Facebook and Twitter - that has steadily increased in breadth, scope and effectiveness. Today, within the arena of public policy and politics, OCPA is regarded as the flagship of the free-market movement in Oklahoma.